Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Starting blog and the Olympics

The month of August has flown by! I miss Wednesday nights with my fellow TNT'ers and look forward to September coming. This week, a decision was made to study James this fall. The feedback we recieved from our last meeting in July was very helpful! Thanks for your honesty. And one of the things we wanted to start was this blog. So here we are.

I would also like to state as I watched the Olympics last night, watching 2 of our fellow Iowans compete is such a blast. Props to Lolo Jones and Shawn Johnson. Medal or not, these two women are incredible competitors. Talk about running the race with endurance . . . if I could be so diligent about my spiritual condition as they are about their physical condition. . . But I guess that's where grace comes in. There's no grace at the Olympic games. When you hit the hurdle, too bad. If you step out of bounds, points deducted. But with Jesus, thank God, there is grace. It's not about how hard I have to work - it's about admitting I need Jesus - he is my strength! He is the power I need to live life well and I don't have to have a perfect performance.

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