Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spoonful of Sugar to Can Held Down

Last night at TNT we played Telephone Pictionary. In case you haven't played, it's a combination of that telephone game you played when you were a kid and pictionary. (I give credit to Jake for this genius game.) For those of you who missed it, we got a stack of 13 papers (because that's how many people played) and we had to write a saying on the top paper. Mine was "a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down." You give the stack of papers to the person to your right and they have to illustrate your saying in 30 seconds. Then you had the picture to the next person to your right and they have to put down the saying that they think the picture is.

Mine was going really well until it got to Kelli and Jaime. Everyone did great until them. Then all of the sudden "spoonful of sugar" became "can held down." (Kelli and Jaime know I love them and I don't blame them for completely ruining spoonful of sugar) How does this happen? How can we be going so well and in one fell swoop, total change in understanding.

This morning I am reading this book called "It." About churches and ministries and people who have "it." I have enjoyed this book until this morning. Now, "it" has birthed a holy discontentment in me. I long for my life to engage with "it." How do you get "it"? I don't know. Even the author doesn't know but you know when you've got "it" and when you don't.

I pray for us as TNT that we will get "it." "It" doesn't happen all at once. Sometimes "it" takes time. And sometimes "it" surprises us. This morning it seems to me like I live in a dark hole and I am about to see some new light. Ever wonder if we are REALLY making a difference in what we do? What is the ONE thing that I can do and do well that would REALLY make a difference? Today, I don't know what "it" is. But, Lord willing, if I search, I will find "it." It may take losing my life to find "it" but "it" is worth that.

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Jaime said...

I have to accept some of the blame for spoonful of sugar going way off course . . . my artistic skills are lacking :) At least I can say that I'd didn't intentionally deviate with any crazy Iowa Hawkeye messages . . .
Just kidding - it was fun to get everyone together again and to have a few new faces. I'm excited to start the Nooma videos and to have everyone together again. "can held down", Jaime