Monday, March 9, 2009

Nooma - "Shells"

TNT was able to review the Nooma "Shells" on Wednesday, March 4. We had a good time watching the video and discussing it after wards. This was aided by a group volunteering their time and delivering ice cream sundaes. ( cream...)

Pressing forward, the discusson was really good because I feel like the Nooma really spoke to a number of people (or maybe just myself...) In the Nooma, Rob's son is on the beach collecting sea shells and then he stumbles upon a star fish... Only he can't grab the star fish because he has so many broken sea shells in his hands... Raising the question - have we filled our time with so many good things (broken sea shells), that it inhibits our ability to go after that one, really great thing in our life???

Karen C. made the good points that "all decisions involve loss" and "embrace your limits"... Wise words to keep in mind, if you are giving your time to certain things, it is taking away your time from other things, and maybe from that one, really important thing...

We prayed together as a group and then stormed out of the room, ready to take on the world!

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