Saturday, November 8, 2008

James 5:1-12

Hi Everyone!
I really enjoyed our discussion the other night on James 5. If you weren't able to be there you should take a look at the text because wow, it's pretty powerful stuff. We discussed a lot on Wed night including a lot of the deeper meanings in the text. It's always amazing to me though how much we can learn from scripture alone. So here are a few things that I wrote down about the text and have been pondering throughout this week that were pretty clear to me simply from the text....

What we learn about hoarding wealth~
*Leads to misery, corrosion, fire
*Associated with dishonesty, selfishness (not paying the workmen), luxury, self-indulgence, getting fat (really that's in there!!), condemning and murdering innocent men.

What we learn about the Lord~
*His coming is near
*He is the judge
*He is full of compassion and mercy

Traits we want to have~
*Control of the tongue (No grumbling or swearing).

Isn't the book of James great?!? Next week we'll be finishing the 5th chapter and the following week you WILL NOT want to miss! We're going to do a wrap up of the book of James using "The Office" TV'll be AWESOME!!

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