Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Parker Dog, Lady . . .

I can't help but blog about my mentioning of Lady, the Parker dog, last night. Perhaps this blog can be one of my outlets that will lead me to a better relationship with this canine. (Basically, I am going to ramble a little which may be good for me but not as much fun for you . . .)
So, here's the deal, Justin has had Lady since he was a junior in high school. She turned 15 this month (in September). She was very jealous when Justin and I started dating and would put her nose down between us when we would sit together on the couch.
Eventually, they grafted me into the family and she would protect me (and Jarrett too) from anyone who would threaten us.
Why wouldn't this be ok with me? Lady is a good dog. Just don't leave your socks or undergarments laying around. You will see them again it will just be the next day out in the yard. It's amazing what will go through her digestive tract! Justin actually saved a pair of Jarrett's socks once - cleaned them up and he was good to go . . .
Anyway, Lady is a DOG. I have never considered myself a dog person and she came with Justin. I have tolerated this quite well but more recently has become more inconvenient. My biggest issue is that she sheds which requires more house maintenance. I also don't like to be breathed on or brushed up against on hot days. When I am on the floor playing with Jarrett, when I pick him up, I have to use a lint remover on him and me before we leave the house.
As I am writing this, I am saying to myself, "it's so trivial isn't it ". . . My point of writing? Well, to keep you updated on what I learn about what Lady represents for me. It's not logical to be so angered by the canine so there is something there . . . if any of you have insight, feel free to let me know.
In the meantime, me and my lint remover will be close by.

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