Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Test

One of the unanswered questions last night stems from James 1:12 where it says "when he has stood the test". What is this test? The phrase is hoti dokimos genomenos or "when he has become approved as by test". There will be diverse trials and tests and we can trust the Lord to use them to grow our faith. How many tests will we have...who knows!!! I believe this might also just mean "life" cuz much of life is a test! Once we are "approved" we will receive the crown of life--full enjoyment of HEAVEN!!

This raises a few questions...

*How do I react when various forms of testing come into my life?

*Do I live in the future, waiting for my circumstances to improve, or do I live in the present seeking to see the hand of God in all that comes to me?

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